Residential, hands-on organizing is the heart of Caterina’s services, working independently or one-on-one with you to complete the space based on your specific goals. Most importantly, Caterina will create unique, customized systems that can be practically maintained and increase your productivity, while saving you time and money.



With a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Caterina loves organizing closets to make them look “shoppable” but most importantly functional. Wardrobe consultations and edits are Caterina’s niche, encouraging capsule closets as the foundation of timeless style.



Kitchens can be challenging without proper layout and designated zones. Often times there is an excess of particular items, or an abundance of rarely used items, that begin to take over “prime real estate” throughout the kitchen. Caterina will work with you to create space within cabinets, drawers and pantries, while implementing sensible order that can be effortlessly maintained.



Preparing for baby and adding to a growing family can be one of life’s most stressful transitions. Organization is essential to ease the late nights and early mornings, and everything in between. Once baby grows, what do you do with the outgrown clothes and toys!?! It’s a never ending struggle that Caterina has fine tuned raising her two sons.



Paper management is constant and one of the biggest organizational challenges for both businesses and households (including kid’s artwork and mail!). There are many theories of how paper should be handled. Caterina will work with you to understand you personalty type and learning style, while creating personalized systems that work.




Having worked in the Real Estate industry for five years, Caterina learned many valuable tips to staging homes and preparing them for the market. Decluttering and maximizing your space for potential home owners as they navigate through your home is key. Caterina also helps with moving into your new home to make the transition less stressful, knowing that each box will go in the appropriate room, followed by an organizational system for unpacking to get you settled in quickly.


DIY Consulting is customized for clients who have a sense for organization, are motivated to work independently, and commit time to getting their space tidy, but could benefit from a fresh perspective. This service is also great for those going through a life transition where encouragement and direction can help to stay motivated. After a walk through of the area to be organized, Caterina provides expertise suggestions and product solutions, a priority list with a long term plan and a 30 minute accountability follow up call up to two weeks post consultation.


Let’s face it - we’re not all innately organized and/or good with time management. Luckily organization and productivity skills can be learned! Through accountability encouragement you can expect to learn how to prioritize yourself while gaining control of your life. Caterina stresses the importance of creating vivid goals, positive self-talk and awareness of the unconscious habits that create anxiety within our spaces and day to day decisions. This service is targeted for the most motivated clients who are determined to change their mindset, with the desire to get their life completely in order. (2) 30 minute sessions per month

Without the decision to commit to yourself, change is just a wish, not a goal.


While Caterina prides herself in the transferrable skills she teaches, organization and staying tidy doesn’t always come easy for everyone. Keeping in mind, that backsliding is normal, maintenance sessions are suitable for clients whose homes have been previously organized, but need a refresh or wardrobe seasonal overhaul. Follow Caterina on Instagram for tips and ideas in between sessions!


Helping a loved one through the process of decluttering their valuables can be frustrating for those who have an emotional attachment to the person with hoarding tendencies. As an outsider, Caterina understands the importance of building trust through identifying what’s important to individuals who accumulate or have chronic disorganization, while respecting their feelings and valuables. With a highly compassionate, calm, and non-judgmental approach Caterina works one-on-one with clients by talking them through the process of letting go, teaching boundaries, and creating positive habits and behaviors.