Caterina is passionate about saving clients time and money, while helping them reach goals to become the best version of themselves, by creating new habits. Small business are a large part of Caterina’s clients with concentration on personalty type, learning style and individualized systems catered to the needs of the client.

Small business clients and solopreneurs are a significant focus of Caterina’s practice.

By first creating a pleasant, calming environment and setting up the office to function in a sensible way for proper flow and productivity, we are then able to create systems to get the most work accomplished daily, weekly and monthly to hit obtainable goals. Systems, self discipline, staying focused, self awareness and personal accountability.  

morale and productivity. We will discuss how the environment in which one works affects overall production, as well as the importance of systems and tangible and intangible organization. Because you currently spend most of your time at the job, and you want to achieve your goals, the general idea is to get the most out of your surroundings and day to day obstacles by being the best versions of yourselves. Help you obtain your goals and keep you motivated in your passion for success.




Time is definite. We only get 24 hours in a day, but it’s how we spend those hours to be the most productive as possible in both work and home. The balance…. Caterina will work with you on ….breaking down tasks, once at a time into manageable steps. Encouraging limits and not taking on more than time can allow. Time suck and how to avoid them…. conscious decisions and


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Checking in along the way. Because two or more checkins a week will lead to a greater rate of success and true habit change, Caterina offers additional accountability services. Importance of habit creation and how to build on already existing habits, increasing your time along the way….


Checking in with you along the way. Packages


With a clear space, comes a clear mind. We will work together to identify…. redirecting your focus to concentrate on growing your business and management skills. Paper sorting, creating piles, moving forward instead of backwards, keep up instead of catch up.