Finding the right system is the key to staying organized. Caterina combines her understanding of each client’s busy lives, learning styles, and innate personality types to transfer the skills necessary to maintain organization. Thoughtfully guiding you through the decision making process, Caterina encourages behavioral changes, that create and reinforce positive habits. After all, organization can be learned…


Standard organizing session

what’s included…


Every organizing session begins with an, in-home or office consultation. The consultation includes a walk through of the space(s) to be organized. Caterina will discuss your needs and vivid goals of your space(s), and what to expect when working with a professional organizer.


Accountability follow-up is offered once a week, for up to three weeks in between sessions. This valuable service helps clients stay committed to their goals and encourages progress while overcoming procrastination and challenges throughout the organizing process. Scheduled check-ins allow clients to become more aware of their habits and needs, and keeps the focus on what will be gained. Consecutive repetition and visualization , setting boundaries with oneself.


Donation and/or recycling drop off of light, non bulk items is included in every organizing session and highly encouraged! Donations will be dropped off at The Olney Women’s Board Thrift Shop in Olney, Maryland, or to a preferred tax-deductible charity of your choosing.


Caterina offers a shopping service for an additional fee that includes, but is not limited to: online product research, in-store product selection, vinyl labeling, pick up and/or returns, and inventory list making. Caterina will always work with what the client owns first before suggesting products, however the shopping service is suggested for client’s who want to take their space to the next level. Product solutions can also be particularly helpful for busy families and those with chronic disorganization.


Receive a complimentary 30 minute session for referring new clients when they book their first session!